A 銑削系列
B 鉆削系列
C 鉸削系列
D 螺紋系列
E 航空刀具
F 非標系列
H 焊接系列
I 可轉位刀具


Since its establishment, Changzhou Haili Tools Co., Ltd. has achieved rapid development, but also formed its own cultural concepts. These cultural concepts have laid a solid foundation for the company's past development, and also painted a good blueprint for the company's future development.

Business philosophy and corporate spirit
Zero defect of product and zero distance of service. Integrity, quality, unity and development.

Reform and innovation

As the basis of enterprise development, reform and innovation not only need technological innovation, but also breakthrough and innovation in quality management, production system and talent cultivation. Production technology is the driving force of the company's development, quality management is the life of the company's continuation, and talent cultivation is the basis of the company's sustainable operation.

technological innovation
Technological Innovation: Remove the old and create the new. Eliminate old technological concepts and innovate on the basis of new scientific and technological knowledge and resources created by them. Realize that new technologies bring new products to meet customer needs.

Quality Assurance

Quality management: planning, organization, leadership and control. To standardize production with quality system, to achieve total quality management, so that our customers are satisfied.

production system

Production system: standardize the operation process and responsibilities. Use new tools and resources to convert input into output. Achieve qualified products and enhance customer satisfaction.

Talent Cultivation

Talent cultivation: people-oriented, talent-oriented. To train multi-level managerial and technical personnel, realize the leap from "Made in China" to "Created in China", and create a bright, happy, safe and disciplined working environment.

The company adheres to the quality policy of "strict management, continuous improvement, quality assurance, customer satisfaction", and people-oriented. Since its establishment, Haili Culture has been formed step by step from scratch.

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